We connect millions of buyers and sellers around our geographical coverage, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all. Moverover we are the first Multivendor eCommerce platform in this part of the world that offer Multi-currency capability, to make purchases by switching to a currency you clearly understands its value and exchange rate. and Multi-language capability, with this capability, Language is no longer a barrier in transaction. You can simply switch over to the language you best understand (e.g English, French, Spanish, Igbo, Housa, Yoruba and many more.) to make your purchase or sell online from the comfort of your home.

Planetstore is a Multi-vendor ecommerce platform that work very differently from regular online stores. For those who don’t know, our multi-seller stores allow a lot of vendors to:

  • Set up their virtual shop
  • Sell their products
  • Grow their customer base
  • Build their brand
  • Accept payments locally and globally

While above are the benefits for vendors, entrepreneurs who start and manage seller in the platforms also generate huge revenue every day from product sales, and services rendered to shoppers.

It is pretty simple to understand the benefits.

Our Multivendor e-commerce platform is pretty much like your neighborhood market or shopping mall, where you shop products and store owners sell products. The only difference is that everything happens virtually.

Our Multi-vendor stores have the technical infrastructure to support the listing and sale of thousands of products across a vast range of categories through a huge number of sellers with the power to manage their virtual storefronts.

Key Features in Planetstore

Multi-vendor Control

When a merchant  join our online  eCommerce platform, the merchant will have certain control. After joining, the merchant will have control to manage their business and products sold on our eCommerce platform. 

With the control of their business, merchants can manage different aspects like delivery time, price, modes of shipping, and many other details. To provide this control a our eCommerce platform offer:

  • Automatic splitting of payments and orders to corresponding seller’s accounts. 
  • Control over the management of individual inventory.
  • Control over making updates like COD, product change, shipping, discounts, etc.

Secure Platform

Undoubtedly, security is the most crucial feature for any website found on the internet. And, in the wake of rising online frauds and cybersecurity threats, having robust security is our priority for our successful multi-vendor eCommerce platform. 

Integrating the best security features not only help protect our eCommerce website from all kinds of malicious activities, but it is also the reason for both online buyers and merchants to trust our website. Hence, this is necessary for our eCommerce with effective security measures. 

To meet this end,  we added:

  • Add a strong layer of protection.
  • Use HTTPS.
  • Ensure our site is PCI DSS compliant. 
  • Choose a secure eCommerce development platform.
  • Secure user-level information. 
  • Never store sensitive user data. 

Robust Reporting

Our Vendors  have access to data regarding their sales and business. With the graphs and data available from the back-end, vendors can evaluate sales trends and promote the business accordingly. 

Therefore, our robust reporting system is essential for our successful multi-vendor eCommerce platform. That is why our store offer the following functionality in this regard:

  • Details and information that are necessary for making forecasts like top search items, last 4 orders, etc. 
  • Instant tracking of abandoned carts and sales.
  • Data about the highest sold products.

When it comes to developing a multi-vendor eCommerce website numerous factors have to be considered including what functionality and features it should have. Before opting for the custom eCommerce development services, you should make all your preps and plan. 

The following are the key features that are essential for a multi-vendor eCommerce store to attract more sellers:

Automated Tasking

There are many automated functionalities in our platform to simplify the jobs our vendors. Tasks like calculating shipping costs or sorting products if done manually on your site can be troublesome from a customer’s point of view. 

So, we put the right technology to automate such tasks and improve the customer experience. In this regard, our website  offer the following features:

  • The sales data on a supplier’s dashboard should are consolidated automatically whenever a new order is placed by customers.   
  • Real-time computation of sales, shipping cost, and tax and provide the details to customers. 


Besides dozens of factors, SEO is an important aspect in every eCommerce platform .

A good SEO makes it possible for your business to attract more traffic as well as a better ranking in search engine results pages. That is why we put things in place to improve our search engine ranking like:

  • The content structure should be well organized to make editing easier.
  • Automation of sitemap generation.
  • Images, meta descriptions, and optimized tags.

Other Features of Planetstore:

  • Produces detailed store insights, reports, and statements.
  • Supports multiple product types and customizable shipping rate options.
  • Frontend dashboard for vendors.
  • Easy coupon management to offer a discount for special sales.
  • Manages orders on the go.
  • Physical product
  • Downloadable product
  • Variable product
  • Bookable products 
  • Auction products 
  • More freedom for vendors to customize their store 
  • Multi-currency capability, make a purchase by switching to a currency who clearly understands its value and exchange rate.
  • Multi-language capability, Language is no longer a barrier, we can simply switch over to the language you clearly understand to make your purchase online from the comfort of your home.
  • And many more 

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