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    Good Knight Multi Insect Killer

    Sold By: philip

    Godrej GoodKnight Powershot Multi Insecticide Spray 700ML
    Goodknight Instant knockdown action on mosquito, Long lasting protection-12hour, safe for the family and kids, protects your family from Malaria, yellow fever and other insects bites related diseases.
    This insecticide gives effective residual control and fast killing of crawling pests( cockroaches fleas, ant, silverfish) and flying pest (eg flies, mosquitoes ,moths)it is sutable for use in a variety of situation such as home, hotel, office, shops,barracks, ship, garbage etc it is the idea soluction for killing pests and maintaning a pest free clean enviroment.Dealing with mosquitoes and insect is frustrating ,baybay insecticide keeps mosquitoes at bay

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